Muscles, a Fish

there’s always a wrinkle in water
flashing dashing round and round
hopes of friendship like colored flakes
r g y g b
e r  e  r  r
d e  l   e  o
e  l   y w
n  o      n

he sees this as another day of social studies
I see him as another friend
one I hope will last forever
a fish is a fish no matter if it’s loved
or not

our friends have left us wondering
how life will turn out after
the ones
you left
are gone

facts of life are harder to think about than Social Studies
I sat quiet no sound,no sun.
just whiteplates ,fast and still.
falling through peace like leaves in winter.

Landing into soft undercoat of summer air
whispering gently, words of silence
shining crystals melt into late autumn.

Falling slow around springs grass
soft as the past that just left
left me wandering in time,alone
with no sound,but sunlight.


Erez is a ten-year-old student in C. W. Henry’s 4th grade GS program. He loves to play golf (when it’s warmer), and made the Roxborough Y swim team. Erez lives mostly with his mom, but he writes poetry with his dad. He has a four-year-old sister, Rebecca.