Midsummer Afternoon

Two doors down
Tom Doyle mulches his garden
his wife works inside
dusting and vacuuming. His motorcycle
sits silent. In imagination
I take the bike for a ride. I drive
through the country roads in South Jersey
past the antique store
with the red, white, and blue
Open banner flapping in the breeze.
I pass the produce stands
advertising fresh strawberries
and asparagus. I pass the mare
and her colt, munching
on clover by the fence post,
then, I stop at the bay
where the salty breeze soothes
and solitude is pleasing.
Tom Doyle
finishes his yard work
his wife, her dusting.
They sit on the patio
while the sun glazes everything orange.
They feast on burgers from the grill
maybe an ear of corn, a bottle
of draft and sit silently
until the sun fades
and darkness spreads across the sky.Maria Ligos’ work has appeared in The Mad Poets Review, Philadelphia Poets, & will be published in the Spring, 2005 issue of The Mid America Poetry Review.

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