Letter From the Editor


The mission of Philadelphia Stories, as it has always been, is to “cultivate a community of writers, artists, and readers,” that represent the Greater Philadelphia Area, a goal that is achieved through the publications, development, and promotion of writers.  Our team this year, composed of myself, Angel Stewart, Nakeya Holmes, Ginny Simon, Evan Wang, and Miracle Swinson, desired two things as we worked to make that goal a continued reality.  We wanted to not only deliver another great issue, but to put the unique talents of all the authors and artistic creators on full display, in both the physical copy of the magazine and the Philadelphia Stories website, with the latter having special exclusives that can only be accessed online.       

Exclusive to the website this year are:

– A poetry spotlight on the spectacular Jazmyne Moseley

– Views and photos of the surreal solar eclipse of 2024, from a Philadelphia perspective, created by the amazing Kayden McClain

– Additional art by the talented Fiona Gallagher

– The full versions of excerpts featured in the magazine: 

     –Dave’s Diner by Jenna Holton

     –The Money Mix Up by Julia Labb 

     He is My Slither of Sunshine by Saileana Perterkin, Jaimie Schaffer & Kylie Weiss 

Also, it must be mentioned that a few of the writers featured this year are doing some phenomenal things in the literary world!  If you get the chance, please check out You Never Knew Me by Mia Haas and The Ocean and Her Shadows by Violet Binczewski, both books of poetry published this year, as well as Zha Literary Arts, an upcoming publication by Samrithaa “H.V.” Vadivelan.          

Just like the City of Brotherly Love, this issue brings with it a magnificent combination of minds and various styles, all representative of the fascinating talents of the youth.  I would like to thank all of those who submitted their narratives, poetry, and visual creations this year.  It is always enjoyable to experience their work and help get their names out there to an ever growing writing community.  Much thanks must also go to Mighty Writers West, where our editorial meetings were hosted to bring this issue to fruition.  

The Philadelphia Stories Jr. Spring 2024 has finally arrived!  We hope you enjoy! 

Malik Askia-Howell, Lead Editor

Philadelphia Stories Junior