Internal Conflict

Internal Conflict

by David Smith


The overwhelming, mentally dwelling,

Mind state is overbearing.

Sure, it looks high and mighty externally,

But internally, slowly dying.

Emotions non-complying, trying,

To ward off the thought of a love interest who is in a relationship I shattered,

I took one of the shards,

Stabbed my own heart,

Pain is my art,

I compose like Mozart,

But the vocabulary I got can’t save me.


These sick thoughts in the cranium,

The monster within, in vibranium it’s caged,

Passion lost like digging through a tar pit,

Solidified, looking into my mind.



Humbled feelings broke.,

My heart chokes,

Hatred flowing through my veins,

I maintain on the verge of going insane,

How many songs have I written to diss her in my bitterness,

Man that’s lame when in reality

I miss her.

David Smith is a freshman at Immaculata College.