In the Wake of Heat – ONLINE BONUS

Editors’ Choice: 2022 Sandy Crimmins Poetry Contest


The summer keeps on swallowing

My loved ones

Whole and crushing

Their bones.


I did not get to bury my brother.

The flowers are all gone       all gone.

The world won’t stop

Spitting my people out.


My city is burning and there is no

Trace of a memorial beyond the parade of black.


Where does life go, in the


A mother’s baby is devoured

And the sun is still hungry for someone

Else’s heart to eat.


The steam wave carries the names

I cannot hold.


The ashes are singing on,

In what a body can join and what

The ground longs to cradle.


We burning up down here,

Where it keeps turning out bullets for

Sons and daughters.


The city keeps eating and,

And the sun keeps shooting,

and the summer keeps smiling as it feasts.


It is hungry out here.

Mikhayla Robinson writes, “I am currently studying English at the University of Georgia, in Athens. I released my first chapbook, Dichotomy, in May of 2020 (Nightingale and Sparrow Press). My work has also been featured in War Crimes Against the Uterus, a reproductive rights anthology, and the Toho Journal.”