I Love High Heels

High heels are nice, sweet, lovely and beautiful. I love everything about them. I love low high heels, medium high heels and high high heels. I’m too young to wear them now, but when I do I want to buy a pair in every color.

But before I do, I want to learn everything about them — how they’re made, how to fix them when they are broken and why there are so many colors.

My teacher has 10 pairs. I don’t have any yet.

I think girls should be able to wear heels when they are 14 and up, so I have to wait five years. So until then, I’ll just wear flats and sneakers and other shoes.


Elise Kornegay is a fourth grader at Lea Elementary School in West Philadelphia. She also studies writing in the after-school Academy at Mighty Writers West. She enjoys acting, singing and animals.