Holiday Card 2015: The Story Behind the Photo

[img_assist|nid=20638|title=Mercer Oak Tree|desc=|link=node|align=middle|width=491|height=491]

This image, which appeared on our holiday greeting card, is by Kevin Hogan, a native Philadelphian whose work involves the use of his iPhone and mobile image software in a process called app smashing. He submitted this photograph, titled “Mercer Oak,” for the holiday card because of its historical connection to the season. This large white oak tree stood on the site of the Battle of Princeton, fought on January 3, 1777, where British soldiers surrendered shortly after Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River. The 300-year old tree fell in March 2000, and in May 2000, an 8-foot sapling grown from a Mercer Oak acorn was planted inside the stump of the former tree.

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