Dichotomous Carnival Kids

Most think there are two kinds of people in this world; those who cover up the simplicity of human necessities such as affection, and love, and the need to have more than what is granted to them, and those who do not. But you cannot fit the entire spectrum of human life forms into two simple categories. There are too many emotions, and too many factors that go unnoticed. Those people, they see nothing at all, for their eyes are closed. They turn a blind eye to things happening right outside their front door. But then again, who wouldn’t? It’s a filthy world out there, but no one chooses to see it. So many people suffering, but then again, we all suffer in our own ways. Being alive isn’t just something that comes with ease. We have feeling, needs, and growing darkness inside us all. Like I said, there are no two categories to divide human emotions into. Yet, at the same time, humans seem to be the most predictable and readable beings to ever exist; because we think with our brains, instead of our bodies. I wonder how different the world would be, if we were all just completely disconnected from our brains, and sat watching our lives from a bird’s eye view. Oh, how we would stumble about, clueless in life, yet fearless. How much we would laugh, and the fun we would have, living with no regrets and no negative reactions. But alas, life is not an amusement park, and we are not carts on a rollercoaster.


My name’s Marissa. I like writing, reading, music and chicken nuggets.