Blood in the Ink – ONLINE BONUS

from human suffering 

comes the greatest art

so maybe my heart beats 

with irregularity 

because i want it to

why else were timeless artists 

always under the blues


conducting an orchestra 

of broken bone symphony 

sounding harm’s melody

finding art/pleasure 

(I can’t tell the difference)

in the aftermaths 

of a chaotic rumbling loss


enough to be addicting

to become the focal point

in each and every hurdle

the silver lining 

of coffins 


until i jump just for the fall 

feel the wind slip through my fingers 

land in an unnatural way 

until i drive onto the highway 

with no destination in mind 

facing oncoming traffic with dead headlights 

until i set fire to everything

just for a poem to be born

like some glory Phoenix 


one day art will come back

and i will accompany it

lay ruin to everything 

while numb to my bruised heart 

only feeling its labored beats

after i wake

tarnished in a field 

falling ashes


my mouth screams plucked teeth

out into the world

a job of my own doing 

i broke every rule 

harmed every soul

so where is my art/relief 

(I can’t tell the difference)


Evan Wang is a freshman at the Upper Merion Area High School. After picking up the pen two years ago, he’s never let it down. He currently resides in King of Prussia, PA with his parents who support his poetry despite not understanding a single word. Evan loves reading, listening to music, journaling, and diving into some watercolor and colored pencils from time to time. His biggest inspirations are Amanda Gorman, Savannah Brown, and his life.