A Turn in the Path

A Turn in the Path

by Kari Ann Ebert

Kari Ebert_A Turn in the Path

I leave you standing on the curb

step over the border of river rocks—


so much like my mother’s inukshuk

built with care by my father.


Once it stood tall and strong—

arms wide calling to the sun.


I used to sit quiet in its shade

examine that inukshuk,


wonder what trail it marked for her

why she had to see it built—


that pile of grey stones like a harbinger

on the edge of her suburban lawn.


Now, years later, it leans to one side.

Its body weakened by a burden unknown


Heavy with its own secret weight

like the smooth warm weight of your hand


on the back of my neck.

I stop. Pick up three rocks,


memorize their size and heft

drop them into my pocket.

Winner of the 2018 Gigantic Sequins Poetry Contest, Kari Ann Ebert’s poetry appeared or is forthcoming in Mojave River Review, Gravel, The Broadkill Review, and Gargoyle among others. She is working on her first poetry collection, Alphabet of Mo(u)rning. Kari lives in Delaware and has two children who also write.