Diary of a Quarantiner

Quarantine, ugh.


The dissatisfaction of staring at your ceiling all day, of missing family, and distance learning. The trauma of a day’s journey from my bed to my computer and back, the tiring of the things I used to love, the sense of being grounded for my safety. I think I’ll be here forever.


Well..I hope not. Because the news and these four walls are starting to make me psycho.


Hmm. I wonder what Cardi B and the Kardashians are doing right now. Are they suffering from claustrophobia? Do they even need a stimulus check? They probably get it first. I wonder if America’s government is the Matrix. Donald Trump… more like Agent Smith with Congress as the other agents, lol.


The coronavirus has ruined my life this year. As a child, Ramadan and Eid were the best moments of a Muslims child’s life. Meeting up with my Muslim friends on the playground after  prayer, eating dates and Arab food was the best thing we would do all year. But this year, we couldn’t do it because we had to perform “social distancing.”


I miss the beautiful sights outside. I’ve learned what I’ve been missing out on. Because now I only see these four walls of depression, of the memories and regrets of the things I wish I could forget. I need to get away from this sadness, well music kinda helps I guess.


I constantly scare myself into thinking I have the illness, forgetting I’ve always had shortness of breath on the regular, from just walking up the steps. I now get scared like others whenever someone sneezes or coughs, even on TV.


There have been many “rumors,” but no one knows if they’re true or not. But I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to stay home, stay claustrophobic, and stay bored, because this will be all over soon. Like Kimmy Schmidt from Netflix says, “just take it ten seconds at a time.”




When I was a baby, I had a dad. But my mom and dad broke up as I was growing up. I did not know who my dad was. I heard that he was smart and he loved me. He took care of me and protected me from harm. He saved everyone in Paris, because he was a superhero. But, because he was a superhero, he had to leave in order to protect me. 

One day my mom was talking to me about my dad. She told me that he was like a superhero. She also told me what stores he likes and what food he likes. Therefore, I went to all the stores and  ate all of the food he liked. 

There was this one store, where I had to pay a lot of money. But to pay for everything, I had to make money. In order to make money, I had to sing. 

I went to the store and this man came up to me and said, “What is your name?’’ I said, “Leric.’’ He replied, “My name is Eric”.  

I asked , “ Do I know you?’’

He said, “No, but I know you.’’  

“Who are you?” I asked.

He said,  “I… am your dad.’’ I was shocked. That day I was able to take my dad home with me. We had a good time together. 

Later on, I was playing hide-and-seek and my dad couldn’t find me. I turned invisible! He realized that I had been turned into a superhero, like him!  

He then told me the real story, that he was Cat Noir, a famous superhero from Paris. He also showed me how he transformed into Cat Noir. 

He has a Kwami, a flying pet that no one else can see except for me and the other superheroes.  My dad’s suit was all black, with a black belt as a tail, a choker that has a cat bell, green cat eyes, and a black mask. He also had cat ears. 

I had a Kwami, named Tikki, meaning that I was a superhero. My name was Ladybug. 

I joined my dad on his missions and helped him to save the world. My mom was happy, and my mom and dad became friends again.  We spent time together as a family. We all were happy. 

The end.


Power in Pain

I remember this like the back of my head. I was nine years old, and my life was changed forever.

I was very close to my stepdad. His name was Aaron. We lived together for a year before he proposed to my mom. She was pregnant with my little brother. I was happy, and I really wanted them to get married. What’s insane is that the same day he proposed to my mom, my stepdad passed away because he got set up. 

Aaron got a phone call that his little brother was at the bar fighting, so he went to the bar. When he got there, his brother was not there. Aaron didn’t even get inside the bar yet before he was killed.

He was shot three times in the back of the head. 

I remember one day I saw him at the end of my bed and we started having a conversation and he said he would come back to the family and he hugged me.  Then weird stuff started happening to me. I started getting weird powers. I think it was from the hug he gave me superpowers and I started helping people.

I was sitting in my dark room and I saw a light flash — and BAM! — there he was, sitting down right next to me on the edge of my bed. We had a long talk about how I felt, about how everything was different since he left.  He started to seem like he needed to rush to go somewhere. He wouldn’t tell me where he was going, but he turned to me and gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever had. As he disappeared, I felt a rush through my whole body. Strangehings started to happen to me.

I started getting powers, like crazy mental powers that let me feel other people’s pain. This was a lot and really hard for me to handle at first. I didn’t want this power. It made me feel so sad to know how badly everyone around me felt. 

That’s when I decided to start using my power to help people. I realized I am able to protect people by letting them know I understand and I want to help prevent it from happening. I now use this power to help the whole world. Everyone goes through pain, but I am here to help, thanks to my stepdad.


The Backstory of the Ace Village

Once upon a time, there was an evil prince named Gordon. He had a dragon named Spikey. Spikey hated the prince because he was mean. Gordon was 20, and he was a light skinned, handsome, but evil prince who loved to trick people, and forced them to serve him. Spikey was purple, small, and he didn’t look like any other dragon. He especially didn’t look like an evil dragon. He was very nice and cuddly because he didn’t like being evil. 

One day, the evil prince Gordon told Spikey to go fetch him a princess so he can trick her into marrying him. Spikey didn’t like that idea. He hated being evil. He knew he had to do what Gordon asked him to do but then, he came up with a plan.

Spikey went and visited the princess to tell her about what’s going to happen. The princess was scared. She tried and tried to get out of the situation. Spikey calmed down the princess and explained his plan to her. “I will kidnap you, but don’t worry. I have to bring you back to marry Prince Gordon, but I promise I will help you escape.” Spikey and the princess agreed that if they didn’t go back soon, Prince Gordon would get mad and send someone to kill both of them. 

When they got back to the castle, the timing of the day was called candy hour. The event was held in the field that was in the center of the village. Around that time, all the pets had a moment of the day to be themselves – all pets but Spikey. Gordon didn’t like Spikey being around people who were enjoying themselves and had fun, so Spikey wasn’t allowed to go.  

The evil Prince Gordon knew that the princess liked Prince Charming, his brother.  He also knew that his dragon didn’t like being evil. Prince Gordon shouted at Spikkey, “I am going to lock you up at night starting now!!!!”  

The evil Prince Gordon put the princess in a dungeon. The dungeon was really dark. It was cold some days, and on other days it was very hot. There were blue and purple thick, heavy black bars. It was so cold at that moment. 

One-day, Spikey got the idea to steal prince Gordon’s keys. Before Gordon went to sleep, Spikey stole Gordon’s keys and went down to the cold dungeon. “Princess Mera are you awake?” Spikey asked. Mera said while shivering, “Yes, I am.”

“I’m going to help you escape tonight, or at least I’ll try!” said Spikkey. 

“Okay,” the princess said excitedly, “but can you at least get me a jacket? It’s freezing cold in here.” 

“Yes, at your service, Princess Mera!” 

As they approached the middle of the castle, they were seen by five guards in full armor. “Oh no,” Spikey screamed, “we have to be quick! They spotted us!” As they were saying that, they had heavy objects thrown at them. Spikey was trying his best to fight off the guards with his fire, and then out they went.

Spikey and the Princess finally got to the field where the candy hour event was taking place. They saw a man surrounded by animals. He was more of a familiar face than others. “IT’S PRINCE CHARMING!!” The princess screamed with a very big smile on her face. “That’s right! You’re the evil prince’s brother,” said Spikkey. That was the day Spikey met his new owner – Prince Charming.   

Back at the castle, Gordon had a feeling something was wrong. Spikey was taking too long in the dungeon. The evil Prince Gordon decided to go look for him, and he found out that the princess and Spikey were nowhere to be found. Gordon put up missing people flyers for his “wife” and “dragon.”

A month passed.

One day, a villager had told Gordon he had seen the princess and dragon with Prince Charming. Gordon was furious. “I’m going to get my dragon back! Call in all the guards!” 

Now Gordon and his army were put in a dungeon instead of Spikey because of that bad idea of trying to kidnap Spikey. He would have gotten away with it if they didn’t get caught by another guard on the good side. The evil prince suffered in jail for the rest of his life. 

Then, in the end, Prince Charming became the official king of the Ace Village….. The King and Queen Mera got married and had a princess named Samaya. 

Spikey was really happy with his new family on the good side and became the good king’s new best friend. 




Spider-Man was on his way home, swinging through New York City when he got ambushed by the Green Goblin. He threw a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man. Spider-Man webbed the buildings around him and trapped the Green Goblin. 

“Looks like you’re in a sticky situation, Greeny!”  Spider-Man quips as the Green Goblin angrily struggles to break free of the webs. The Goblin shakes loose of the webs and jumps on his hoverboard, flying away. “Not this again!” 

Spiderman quickly makes chase after the villain but to his surprise the Goblin had a plan. Out of his arms, he fires four shurikens at his pursuer. Spider-Man’s spider-sense kicks in, and thinking fast, he quickly dodges the Green Goblin’s attack. To Spider-Man’s surprise, the Green Goblin escapes. 

Spiderman stomps his feet in frustration. Looking for help, he heads to Avengers Tower to find Ironman. As Spiderman approaches Avengers Tower he feels his spider sense tingle. In front of the tower, he sees a giant pumpkin floating in the sky. Nervously he webs the Pumpkin. He swings the pumpkin around and throws it into the sky just in time. The bomb explodes in a flash and knocks spiderman to the ground. 

From the top of a giant building flies down the Green Goblin. “Why do you keep ruining my plans, Spiderdweeb?” 

“Its because you’re evil greeny.” He says firing a web at the Green Goblin, grabbing his hoverboard and slams him to the ground, knocking the Green Goblin out cold. He webs him up and police soon come to take him to jail. Unfortunately, villains don’t stay locked up for long. 


Red Butted Sheep

Long, long ago, before mankind, there were many peculiar creatures, such as flying giraffes, the fluffy octopus, tusked koala, sorsel, hawkacorn, pengwhale, lamster, and, of course, the headless chihuahua. There were many others, but it would take me forever to name them, so today we’re talking about none other than… the Red Butted Sheep.

Once upon a nondisturbed world, there was a flock of  Red Butted Sheep dangling from branches, swinging high and low.  At the time, all the sheep decided to leave the area and find better trees with more fruits and veggies. All but one; Shrimp. “Shrimp the Sheep”. 

He was sound asleep in his hammock, filled with leftover food and crumbs. Dreaming about food, food, and more food.  About an eternity later, he got up from his cozy cocoon and looked around for a bit, still having sleep in his eyes. After a couple of minutes of dead silence, he finally realized he was the only one there.  

 When he finished eating the remains of yesterday’s meal, he decided that he was hungry again.  He swung around the area but found no food. He thought to himself, so that’s why the flock left. Without further ado, he raced down the tree, a bit hesitant about his decision.  Just when he reached the ground, he knew there was no turning back.

Shrimp walked for days, mile after mile, knowing it would be time to eat soon or all you would see would be a corpse lying in the middle of the forest. A couple of minutes later, he stumbled upon a mysterious looking plant. It looked a lot like Lantana that the other sheep always spoke about. Each flower petal was like a beautiful blue, red and yellow diamond. Who could resist? 

But, they say it’s poisonous. Shrimp knew that it was either he ate the Lantana, feeling full before he’d die, or just die with an empty stomach. This was the easiest question ever, like having to choose candy or broccoli. Candy, duh

Soon after, Shrimp reached out, the smart part of his brain that rarely showed up, begged and pleaded with him to stop.  He simply ignored this warning, and his little monkey fingers proceeded to reach out. He caught himself but his fingers kept moving forward like a magnet. He gobbled it up and licked the remains of it off the ground, then tasted the unpleasantly sour lemon flavor.

The next day, Shrimp felt ill. It was like one side of his body was coming out as it pushed his stomach. Every time his tum tum grumbled it was like the left belonged to one person, and the right was owned by another. 

Months later, of full dreadful hunger, he saw little white balls of fluff in the distance. “It’s the herd!” He shouted with excitement! When he got there, he realized he was hallucinating, because it was only a cotton field.   Now that’s what happens when you’re in an unknown place and no one is there with you. 

He felt hopeless, his limping legs were trembling, his fur nappy and dry, the bottom of his hands weak and so. His eyelids heavy, his lips as dry as desert sand, and you could see his ribs. He was malnourished. 

He woke up in the middle of the night, feeling even more ill than before. His fur started to rip, and his skin was tearing apart, each bone popping and his squishy marrow rotting as his blood vessels burst open, shooting out blood everywhere.    

Even for him it was a gory sight. His flesh smelled of mold and the air was getting heavier and heavier, denser and denser, thicker and thicker, making it harder to breathe every second. There were puddles of blood and oceans of tears.  

He started to see an eye, then another as a fluffy head started to form. It was a short-haired creature he had never seen before. It had huge fangs and bubbly gums and a heart-shaped pink nose with brown wide eyes. He realizes what that flower did to him, he was splitting apart. 

He fell into darkness. It felt like forever. Then he saw a ray of light gleaming through his eyelids. He pried them open with the last bit of strength he had, but to his surprise, he was safe and sound in his hammock, just asleep. Everyone was there. 

He even still had crumbs and leftovers in his hammock  “Was this a dream?” he murmured. His ma trotted over and gave him a bowl of soup. “So it was a dream?” Shrimp whispered. Just when he thought it was over, he looked to his right and saw the same creature, but this time it was grinning. 

His mom said “It’s not a dream,” then put a sack over his head and swung a bat at his face to knock him out.

To Be Continued…


Chicken Ball

Do you want to hear about an end zone of a team? Once there was a football team named the Chickens. The team was made up of real chickens. They were animals but they were really good. They were really good! They beat the Jaguars, Cats, Bears and Squirrels (not surprisingly).

After a lot of hard work the team made it to the Super Chicken Ball.  They decided to take the bus to this event. But, when they went on the bus, their toes were so sharp they broke the bus. So, they tried to fly but they couldn’t. Next, they tried to get a cab, “Bock, Bock,” but the people did not understand them. So, they didn’t get a cab.

They had one more idea! And that was to run on the highway. It worked!! 

They almost missed the game but they made it in time! They were playing the FOXES. They made it to overtime. The Foxes made a punt. There was one minute left. The Chickens threw an 80-yard pass and it was complete and they were 10 yards away from the end zone. They had 5 seconds. They handed the ball to the running back. He made it 5 yards and almost got tackled but didn’t and made the TOUCHDOWN!!


My Love Story

My Love Story

By Tymir Childress

There was a boy named Khamir. He loved to show off, especially in front of girls. He thought girls were cute, and he didn’t have any other way of letting girls know he liked them. He was 12, but this wasn’t new for him. He had liked girls since he was 10.

One day his mom told him that he was going to go to Sky Zone. On the drive there, he was        hyped! It’s been a while since he went, so it was exciting. When they got there, he ran into the line as his mom signed him up for the jump stations.

In line, he started to do flips. People around him were staring and his mom was embarrassed. He could tell because she was giggling and shaking her head. And then… he saw some girls…cute girls. They were on the trampoline. He ran right over.

He started talking to the girls and said, “Watch this!” He did multiple flips to impress the girls. The girls smiled and they were blushing a little bit. He was on his fifth flip, and he started getting tired. He was hesitating too much, and he landed on his head!  Laying on the ground, his head was throbbing, and his vision was blurry. He saw his mom running toward him.

Out of nowhere, one of the girls wanted to try a flip, but she didn’t know how! Then she landed on her leg. Her parents called the hospital. When the ambulance came, Khamir and the girl were yelling at their parents because they kept asking if they were okay.  Paramedics came, and they grabbed both of them and drove them to the hospital. On the way both kids were screaming and yelling from pain. When they were in the hospital, they took some meds so they wouldn’t feel the pain as much.

Then they started talking to each other, and out of thin air they started arguing. The medicine made Khamir confused. They both said some things they would regret later. Suddenly, they became quiet. Khamir realized the meds messed with his emotions, so he started to say sorry about what he said, and right then, she said sorry herself!

Finally, she formally introduced herself.  She said, ”My name is Dajia.” They started to get used to each other, they told each other their hobbies, their parents names and other life details like that. After an hour they got treated and taken care of. Khamir asked Dajia out and she said yes.

So there you go, my love story.

Tymir Childress is a proud Mighty Writer.

Wishing for the Past

Wishing for the Past

By Lydia Hessel-Robinson

Summer sighed when her mother told her that she’d make spaghetti for dinner. Summer knew that “making spaghetti” really meant pressing a button on the Meal-O-Matic, and that annoyed her. The 16-year-old girl had been born before the big changes had been made and missed all of her mother’s special cooking, which had been much better than spaghetti from a machine. Her mother, however, was thrilled with these new inventions and prefered the Meal-O-Matic to her homemade meals.

“Mom could you, like, actually make the spaghetti dough like you used to?” Summer begged, even though she already knew what the answer would be.

Her brother William mouthed their mother’s response even as she spoke, “No, Summer. This is much easier and quicker. Would you stop asking?” The Meal-O-Matic beeped. Summer’s mom procured three bowls from the kitchen cabinet and spooned out the noodles. Summer sighed again, sadly. It seemed as if she’d been sighing a lot recently.

“Mom, you say the same thing every time I ask you to make something. I bet Dad would really cook, but he’s not getting back today.,” Summer did everything she could to make her mom feel bad for using the Meal-O-Matic.

William pitched in, “Dad would probably even make Spanakopita for us!” Summer’s mouth watered at the thought of the delicious spinach pastry. Her father was away, cooking for the crew on the newest spaceship mission to Andromeda Galaxy. He would return in three weeks. “Yeah, mom. From scratch.”

This time it was their mother’s turn to sigh. “Children, drop it.”

Summer stayed up late reading her favorite book, Little House on the Prairie. She longed to be Laura and have no clue about what would happen to the world, to be away from her mother who begged Summer to discard her bookcases and get an e-library (a device that extruded books you wanted and sucked them in when you were done). Summer, however, liked the books in her bedroom. She took out her smartphone to check the time. It was 11:30 p.m., June 24, 2079. If only it could be the 1890’s! Summer tiredly rested her head on a silky beige pillow, wishing to be far into the past…like Laura.  


The Horrors of Humanity

The Horrors of Humanity

by Grace Morrison-Wesley

Silence, eerie silence. Everything seemed still on this cool, foggy, autumn night. I could hear my heartbeat and footsteps practically echoing through the forest, traveling through the brisk air. My ears were tightly tucked back from the cold, pressed against my head. My long, silver hair was flowing behind me, tail swishing in the wind. The sky was oddly clear, other than the low fog that obstructed my vision. It was always raining or cloudy in this part of the forest.

I saw a bright flash of light run past me, narrowly avoiding my tail. Hearing their footsteps approach, I ran faster. I couldn’t let them catch me. I had to warn the rest of my kind. We were strong, brave, and courageous but the monsters caught us by surprise. They had strength in numbers. Billions of them roamed the earth, however, they were rather small and weak. They took their time, tearing each other down instead of working together and that stopped them from being any sort of threat for millenniums. They have proved that times are changing or that they simply grew tired of their peers’ blood.

They had come to my village, at least a hundred of them, sealing all the exits and burning it down. Only about two dozen of us escaped. We had moved out of our primitive ways and settled into small towns eons ago and became peaceful creatures, still capable of fighting, yet we chose not to.

I escaped with my older brother before they caught him and killed him, forcing me to watch him die in my arms. He was coughing up blood while telling me to run from them. “Warn the others. Tell them to be prepared to fight back.”

I howled in anguish, remembering his death as I heard the footsteps getting louder. I had to run faster. I had to warn the others. I had been running for weeks on end without rest, and it was starting to take its toll on me. My stamina, as high as it was, was quickly disappearing. I was tired, hungry, and I desperately needed a rest. It was almost as if my soul was leaving my body. I was thrown into a coughing fit, trying to get enough air into my lungs.

The footsteps were getting louder as they slowly closed the space between us. I couldn’t run any farther, collapsing from exhaustion. I heard a voice.

“Looks like we found her, haven’t we boys.”

“No! Please… No. I haven’t done anything. We haven’t done anything,” I coughed out, tears pouring from my eyes. “Please, I don’t want to die.”

“Lookie Lookie What do we have here,” a monster said. “An idiotic werewolf trying to run. You can’t run forever, you have to pay.”

“For what?” I croaked. “What have and the rest of us done for this massacre of our kind?”

“What have you done?” The monster looked as if he was confused about what I didn’t understand. “Why you exist, of course! We humans have gotten bored of deer, we now hunt werewolves,” he told me before giving me a most sinister grin that would scare the Vampire King himself. “However, I have now said too much. Are you ready to die?”

“Please just let me say my last words. If you must kill me, just leave my kind alone. We have done nothing. NOTHING! –To you or your kind,” I pleaded. “Let the last words of Destiny Howls touch your souls.”

“Well Destiny,” the monster growled. “Those are powerful last words to waste on deaf ears.”

I let out one last howl. One that shook the heavens, hell, and the earth itself. A warning to the supernatural spirits and demons of this world, werewolves and vampires alike. A warning to fight the ones we thought were harmless, for the humans were cruel and would stop at nothing to kill us and wipe us off the earth. Fight back, for a war against the humans had begun. And with that, the humans shot me several times through the heart, killing me.

As the world went dark, I smiled, for I would be avenged.

Grace Morrison-Wesley is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. She goes to J.R Masterman and her favorite subject is art. Grace spends most her free time drawing and reading. Her favorite book series include Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and The Hunger Games. When she grows up Grace wants to be a veterinarian or an artist.