If when I look into the glass,
See a face unrecognized

And the moon is rising in the reddening sky,
Among the winds
Above the ocean

If I look into the glass
And see the shadows of strings moving,
In the translucent glass
Moving over my head

And if I ask why death
Never looked lonely to me
The glass shatters
And the strings unwind

If I look in the mirror and see
The strings are severed,
Against the windy bleeding horizon
Above the ocean

Who will untangle the strings
Above my head,
Tell the puppeteer that I have gone?


Amy Goldfischer is a ninth-grade homeschooler from Havertown. My past writing experience includes a lot of short story writing, a mini biography of a family member and comic book writing. My favorite writers include J.K. Rowling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Linda Sue Parks, and many more. She studies creative writing at the “Teen Lit Magazine” workshop at the Musehouse Literary Arts Center in Germantown (